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Image by NASA


ge·o·spa·tial  (/ˌjēōˈspāSH(ə)l/) – relating to or denoting data that is associated with a particular geographic location. Geospatial technology collects and analyzes the geospatial data.


adapt (\ ə-ˈdapt  , a- \) –  to make useful, often by modification. To change so that it functions better or is better suited for a purpose.

Just like we help you adapt your geospatial data, we adapt to your mission needs.  Geodapt is your flexible choice that provides unparalleled value for your money because we:

Build your competency

  • We teach you how to fish - as in help you help yourself.

  • Show you the secret sauce (Tradecraft). No proprietary solutions.

Cost less money              

  • Work with you for the short term versus locking you in to a multi-year contract.  (We do offer long-term support if desired).

  • Offer low-cost solutions and deliver exceptional value for the price.

  • Adapt to your time line and meet your deadlines.

Deliver results

  • As we are geospatial and communications experts, we know our $#*t.

  • Solve immediate problems, teach you how to solve them, and communicate your value to stakeholders.

  • Rapidly deploy teams of seasoned professionals  

  • Hold U.S. government security clearances. We will be where you need us to be worldwide, across all security domains.

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